Thursday, December 3, 2015


These are the words that appear today in the rest of my blogs;

So, here I am at work. It's not busy so I decided to surf the internet and see what was on the news. Went to CNN. There was the horrible California shooting. I saw one of those year in pictures things and clicked on it.
Big mistake.
There was a shot of a small two year old boy, a Syrian refugee washed up on the beach. People walking around and leaving this poor child face down in the sand and the first thing someone think of is to take a picture?
Yeah, you call it news. I'll still with the destruction of human decency and leave it at this.
You win Internet.
I quit.
I'll just write my stupid little books. Publish my stupid little mini comics and zines. I need the Internet for those, but that's it.

For this site we just show episodes of The Basement of Baron Morbid.  I'm keeping this one open to post the viewer for the episodes. Maybe bring some levity to the crushing reality that so many people suck so very bad.
Seeya soon.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Ghoul

 The old, thought lost Karloff film is on archive for your viewing along with Jacques and I doing our usual crazy mix 'em ups!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

This is the way we do this now

Okay, is super friendly so the episodes will be here from now on. Enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2015

The End?

Nope, not even close, but we may have to do things differently for a while. See, we started our little horror host show when my sidekick and son was eight. Tat has been seven years. Inspired by The Ghoul, Dr. Dreck and Count Gore DeVol to name a few, we decided to shoot it in the basement and made fun of it being shot in the basement. I had taken a few classes at the local cable access place and we could show it there. Editing was a learning experience, but it got better.
But there was always that level of frustration.
You make the DVD. IT plays fine at home and you drop it off and then they play it at the station and it just freezes up.
They blamed the equipment.
I uploaded episodes to YouTube and, when they managed to upload, they played fine. Other online channels wanted to play them and I said sure, why not?
It was fun.
I tried paying for Vimeo.
It was worthless. Nothing ever uploaded properly and their support team is a joke.
 The cable access got tiring quick, but they did have this cool yearly competition where you had 2880 minutes to go and make a short film. When it was over they showed them at a movie theater and every body got t shirts and some people won prizes.
A couple of years later your team only got one t shirt.
No biggie.
Now, this year, our fifth, they cut what videos they are going to show.
Yeah, we weren't on the list.
Let's add this in as well.
In August I asked about doing an all night Horror Host show with bands and guests and fun times live from Dusk Til Dawn.
They said they would get back to me.
No one got back to me.
I got some excuses, but no response at all.
They said they were too busy.
Busy for what? I had people volunteering to help out.
It would have been fantastic.
Every year I host a live show called Carnival of Souls put together by Matt Dorbin.
He gets bands to play like famous bands and it is a great time every year.
Lots of people attend so I thought I would do a triple feature and incorporate footage from that and do something taped since I had no response to the live show.
They said there was programming after my show and that they would have to see where they could play it.
But, I'm a horror host. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one and I have been doing this for years.
Is there really no way to do this?
Now there is Bizarre TV. They always show my programs and the person in charge of it is really cool. It's a one time payment of 20 bucks for a lifetime of streaming programming. Not a bad deal for the amount of stuff they show.
So, we are on a ROKU channel. I will have to update the list and see if people want to pay for discs. I'm going to try something else to get the show out on the web better than before.
But as for the local cable access show?
Not sure if I'm interested.
Just kind of tired of the whole thing.
Thank you all for reading the rants of a horror host is just a little more thna frustrated.
HAve a great day!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Baron Morbid Bloopers

We do a lot of these all at once here in the Basement. It can lead to some bloopers. Here's a recent one from The episode where we showed The Evil Mind with Claude Rains.

Monday, January 19, 2015


 I thought instead of posting whole episodes that are readily available on YouTube a.k.a. I Couldn't Define Public Domain If I Tried, that I would post a bumper from one of the new shows. Here's one from Frankenstein's Daughter.

And we have a new feature where twin girls review every film we show. Check it out!