Friday, January 29, 2010

Episode Seven

Did this one last night. It went really well and we had a lot of fun with this one. The movie is Bowery At Midnight with Bela Lugosi. I'm dropping this one off at the station this afternoon. As always it will be showing at 1:30 on Saturdays, but I'll post the other times when I get them. I think I may post a segment from each show on here as well from now one. Also, Baroness Morbid suggested I start logging in the episodes and what we did on each one. I think I'll do that after each episode airs so as not to ruin any surprises.
I do want to mention that we are still having the contest to show short films on the show. Just contact me here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Until I say otherwise, an espidoe of Baron Morbid will play on Saturdays on Channel 19 here in Kalamazoo. I am working on a way for people to be able to order episodes of the show as they become available for super cheap. Around five bucks. More news as that gets closer to fruition.
Thanks for watching!
Epsiode Six this Saturday will be The Amazing Transparent Man.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Episodes!

Finally got down to the station to drop off new episodes. Here is the schedule;

Episode 4 where Jacque and I skewer the class I EAT YOUR SKIN shows at these dates and times;

1/13/10 1:00P Channel 20
1/15/10 1:30P Channel 20
1/16/10 1:30P Channel 19
1/18/10 2:00P Channel 19

Episode 5 is a showing of the classic THE VAMPIRE BAT with Fay Wray. Here are the times;

1/19/10 1:30P Channel 20
1/21/10 3:30P Channel 20
1/22/10 1:30P Channel 20
1/23/10 1:30P Channel 19

And it looks like there will always be an episode on at 1:30 on Saturdays. Fun Fun Fun. Hope anyone in the area that gets the Kalamazoo Public Access stations is able to check it out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Episodes...

...are almost getting on the air. What that means is that I went down with episodes 4 (I Eat Your Skin) and 5 (The Vampire Bat) and the new reservation book wasn't out yet? It's the fourth already and no book. I try again later in the week and post the times accordingly. Also, we are having a new segment where people send in their short films. That should be a lot of fun. More about that in the weeks to come. I think I might start posting clips from the show here. More on that later as well.
For now, go have fun, make a short film and contact us here if you want it shown and I'll see you all next time in The Basement OF Baron Morbid.