Thursday, December 3, 2015


These are the words that appear today in the rest of my blogs;

So, here I am at work. It's not busy so I decided to surf the internet and see what was on the news. Went to CNN. There was the horrible California shooting. I saw one of those year in pictures things and clicked on it.
Big mistake.
There was a shot of a small two year old boy, a Syrian refugee washed up on the beach. People walking around and leaving this poor child face down in the sand and the first thing someone think of is to take a picture?
Yeah, you call it news. I'll still with the destruction of human decency and leave it at this.
You win Internet.
I quit.
I'll just write my stupid little books. Publish my stupid little mini comics and zines. I need the Internet for those, but that's it.

For this site we just show episodes of The Basement of Baron Morbid.  I'm keeping this one open to post the viewer for the episodes. Maybe bring some levity to the crushing reality that so many people suck so very bad.
Seeya soon.