Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Episodes!

Finally got down to the station to drop off new episodes. Here is the schedule;

Episode 4 where Jacque and I skewer the class I EAT YOUR SKIN shows at these dates and times;

1/13/10 1:00P Channel 20
1/15/10 1:30P Channel 20
1/16/10 1:30P Channel 19
1/18/10 2:00P Channel 19

Episode 5 is a showing of the classic THE VAMPIRE BAT with Fay Wray. Here are the times;

1/19/10 1:30P Channel 20
1/21/10 3:30P Channel 20
1/22/10 1:30P Channel 20
1/23/10 1:30P Channel 19

And it looks like there will always be an episode on at 1:30 on Saturdays. Fun Fun Fun. Hope anyone in the area that gets the Kalamazoo Public Access stations is able to check it out.

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