Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Battle With Bela

Not a real battle, but I must say that Episode 15 of The Basement Of Baron Morbid almost didn't happen. We were showing Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla. I had done this process a million times. Shoot our bumpers, convert the film into something compatible with Windows Movie Maker. After 14 shows under my belt I was getting pretty good with this.
Until this one.
First it would not save before burning. It hung up on 99% forever. Then I got it to work and lost about fifteen minutes of the movie. I realized this after I burnt it, but I caught it before making copies for the permanent file and the cable access station.
I thought my copy of the flick might be bad so I went to Archive.org. Yeah, Windows Movie Maker hated that file! Finally, I scrapped everything, restarted the computer and started over.
After wasting seven blank DVD and hours of time Episode 15 is finished. Man, was that a pain!
To celebrate here is a clip from the show with our erstwhile Monster Hunter Shamus McMouffin:

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